Parenting Special Needs Children

Recently a reader shared with me how hard it is to find helpful and accurate information about raising children, especially special needs kids. That’s one of the reasons she and two of her friends created a site called She writes: “Lately, my husband and I have been talking about what the future will look …

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J.D. Shaeffer Finishes the Appalachian Trail in 3 Months and 11 Days!

Sorry. THIS is NOT the ordinary: Tempe resident J.D. Shaeffer, will complete the Appalachian National Scenic Trail this summer in only 3 months and 11 days. The A.T. is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world, nearly 2,200 miles in length. The trail travels through fourteen states along the crests and valleys of the Appalachian …

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kids laughing at egg hunt

Good Intentions

We all make mistakes or loose motivation to keep going. Laugh about it and start fresh.


Many of us humans have been touched by anxiety in one way or another so it is a pertinent subject. My strategy, when I am feeling anxious, is to talk. I feel like I need to talk through things a lot. I am grateful for those who have been the receiving end of my “thoughts” …

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woman praying on knees at tan stuffed chair with colorful pillows

Prayer and Me

I know Heavenly Father hears my prayers. I have felt His love enough times, while praying, that I can picture Him REALLY caring about me. I am so grateful for to know that Heavenly Father is there for me. You need to know this for yourself. Pray. Ask Him if He is there, and then …

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