cookies and milk


Dessert recipes from my kitchen include: Brownies Peanut butter cookies and more!

Vegetable Rich Recipes

I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I have been cutting out dairy and sugar. I also try to eat meat sparingly. You can see that my husband and kids still want milk for their addiction to cold cereal. You can ALSO see my almond milk (that I made) in the jar at the top …

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Remember the Value of Family

Remember by Claudia Goodman Who will raise their voice for the family? Who’ll defend the rights of our liberty? Come preserve your own, in the srength of God and home. All who will rejoice in this privilege Let them now maintain freedom’s heritage Come with fervent zeal. Join us on the battlefield. CHORUS: Remember our …

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Parenting Adult Children

What advice do you have for parenting adult children? This is a big and very good question. I have three adult kids, but am new at this because they are only 23, 21, and 18. It reminds me of when I would ask my mom, who had eleven children, a question about potty training. “Well, …

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Dutch Oven Recipes

Here are a few of our favorites for camp outs: Easy Dutch Oven Enchiladas by Kristin Shaeffer 2 cans black beans 2 cans kernel corn 2 dozen corn tortillas 1 big can enchilada sauce 8 oz grated cheese Line the dutch oven with tin foil to make clean up easier. Coat bottom with a little …

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