Yeah, Mexico! Aguascalientes. It really was a moment, opening my call. I am embarrassed to say, the first time I saw the name, I mispronounced my Mormon mission. the extent of my Spanish pronunciation was food names. Holy guacamole.

A four-month wait time! What do I do for four months? Soon I was recommended by family and Bishop to participate as an ordinance worker in the Gilbert Temple. Only a few days after entering the temple for my own, I arrived to my first day as an ordinance worker, not knowing what to expect, except to stick out like a sore thumb, a teenager in a crowd of retired fogies. But I couldn’t have been more wrong! Not only were there other young, scrappy pre-and-post missionaries all around me, with whom I would get Chik-fil-a with every week, but the adults participating around me were some of, if not THE MOST caring and kind individuals found on this corner of the globe! The seniority and experience of these men and women hold no grudges or bitterness over the new kid on the block. There was no shortage of diversity in workers at th temple; the same man whose knees would explode the minute he took the stairs was the same man who had a lively and great sense of humor.

One morning, in the presence of myself and a few other elderly workers in a break room, this man greeted a fellow volunteer. “Good morning, brother Butler!”

MORE TO COME (I’ll type more tomorrow.) … I’ve got to go to watch some of “The Crown” on Netflix.