Final Week in the CCM!!!

Elder Shaeffer – January 25, 2018

¡Buenas Noches, Señores y señoras! Ultimo vez, en nuestro otro episodio, encontramos nuestro carácter mayor, Elder Shaeffer, y su distrito en el Centro de Capacitación Misional México por sus semana final.
Durante este tiempo, nuestro héroe enseñió muchas, muchas personas, y sentió el Don de Lenguas. Y ahora, vamos a reunir con nuestro señor mayor:

Hey everyone! I hope that translates well. Or even makes sense. JD might understand it.
Lots of spiritual experiences here in the CCM! I have a firm belief that our presidency is called of God and some otherworldly beings who spent 4 millennia learning to love and publicly speak to and inspire inexperienced, immature, and silly young boys and girls, who have no idea what they’ve got themselves into. On Sunday we watched the 2011 restoration movie, which I had never seen before and is so inspiring and great! Over the last weeks I have found a whole newfound respect and love for church history and the bravery of those men and women in a world that not only didn’t like them, but often wanted them gone or dead. And I love the blessings given to missionaries in DyC. Read section 31!
I’m keeping the scripture challenge from momma Shaeffer strong! I find new great scriptures that help me every day that I look to the scriptures. The Book of Mormon is not only the keystone to our religion, but to my testimony. I know in my bones that it is the word of God. And I tell that to every single fake investigator we teach, and it brings me great joy and pride. Take that, real investigators.

Speaking of real investigators! I leave on Monday! 2 in the Morning, to take a bus to the Mexico City Airport, and take an hour or more AeroMexico flight to Aguascalientes! I’ve started packing. The next big email you get from me will be from outside these walls and these bright green birds, the size of pigeons, who scream louder than Adam when I beat him in Mario Kart.

Tuesday night we had a devocional from one of the area presidency in Mexico City. I sang a solo in front of the whole CCM, Spanish hymn 31 (all creatures of our god and king) and the wife of the area presidency went looking for me and said that I have one of the best voices she’s ever heard. And tons of people, especially Latinos, told me how they loved it.

When I got here, it was us and one other district that left on our week 4. Now we’re the “golden district” of a zone with 4 total districts! The new district that got here yesterday has an Hermana from Gilbert that went to Gilbert high and says she recognizes me, maybe because she knows Sister Shaeffer, the most best seminary teacher.

I love to read emails of all the missionaries I know! Just some are Elders Sanderson, Moffitt, (Marty) Shaeffer, Williams, Duncan, Duncan, and Mason, and Sister Cheney.

DAD IS IN THE BISHOPRIC? That is so awesome. Who’s the bishop? And the other bishopric member? You’re gonna be a great bishopric member. good luck daddy-o

Today we’re going to the temple! I am beyond excited. As you all know, that house of the Lord is one place upon which my testimony sits. My testimony of the eternal covenants made in that building is unshakable.

Just wanna say JD is a baller, just read his synopsis in the BYU plays programs.
Just wanna say Adam is a stud and a wizard, and doesn’t need those glasses to be the best nerd around.
Just wanna say Curt is absolutely ripped and has more priesthood than the pope.
Just wanna say Kay is the best woman I ever will know, and is beautiful and spiritual and has a good taste in men. And the most authentic and crazy Puerto Rican in the contiguous United States. The best woman, that is, until you reach age 29, where my mom is.

If I have time after the temple, I’ll send photos of that!

I love you all so much.

Con abrazos,

Elder Shaeffer

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