Little Sausage

June 25th (2016) – FLASH BACK

“School Kids’ Outing” is our sensible solution to rewarding our kids for a good school year (grades, behavior, and effort) in hopes to not spoil them with cash incentives, which I can’t afford, and to create as many wholesome family activities and traditions as possible.

Past school kids outings have included a day at Sun Splash or going to a Circus performance, for instance. This year we went to Stratum Laser Tag for unlimited games.

What on earth was I thinking?!

I wore sandals!

It’s HOT, okay? Plus, I wanted to look cute.

My kids have been trained by an intelligent mother – or maybe they are just smarter than I am (not new news), but all of them wore closed toed shoes. I am far from an experienced laser tag pro. I know I have been once before – can’t remember the situation or who I was with, but it seems like it was a birthday party or field trip that one of my kids attended years ago…ANYWAY! –

In the middle of the second game while running through tunnels in the dark labyrinth, I slammed my foot into the vertical lip of a doorway. Wowie! I figured when I got out of the game I would probably see blood running down my foot, but in the excitement of the game I kept in hot pursuit of teams red and blue.

When the game was over, which I lost, I did finally get into the light. There was no blood on my foot, but to my dismay, my fourth toe (You know the one next to the pinky toe?) was pointing the wrong direction.

I sat out the next game (which the kids’ team won, since I wasn’t hindering their score) and spent the rest of the afternoon at the doctor’s office and X-ray lab. Yes, it is broken, No, it is not dislocated. Yes, it hurts. No, I was advised to NOT go on the upcoming hike PCT hike. Yes, “Just tape it to its nearby friend and wear hard soled shoes.”

NOW that you know I went on the hike ANYWAY, you can logically guess that the recovery has been delayed. Yes, I have a chubby sausage instead of a little toe. Yes, I am now wearing a boot. Yes, I need to be a better patient… and BE PATIENT. 🙂

Please wear closed toed shoes when playing laser tag.

2 thoughts on “Little Sausage”

    1. Some say I do. Pain is relative. I WAS NOT going to miss out on this hike that we had been planning for a year. If I hadn’t gone because of broken toe would have been more painful for me. 🙂 You do what you gotta do, right? Now looking back on it, I am SO glad I went on the hike.

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